We catalyze the transformation of innovations and early stage companies into thriving businesses

We have experience from technology driven business since 1994

We have founded and developed a number of companies. We now use our expertise to exercise active ownership in startup projects and early stage companies.

Since 2012, we have invested in a huge number of ideas and early stage companies

This is what we can do for you

We are your sparring partner and have many resources and extensive experience that we can use to help you realize your project

Technical Development

We can build websites, online stores and mobile apps, and have a strong development environment for your project


Our network consists of professionals and experts from a number of industries. They are all ready to contribute


We reach over 1 million people online every month, and 500K are members of our Facebook groups

Concept Development

We are experts in concept development for digital surfaces, creating profitability and rapid growth


Whether it is for start-up, scale-up or dedicated projects, we can help you.

Market Research

Conducting rights of operations, market research or just customer surveys. We can help you

Law and Agreements

Our lawyers are among the very best and have long experience from technology-driven startups