Our story

This is the journey that laid our fondation

The beginning

It all startet with the very first Norwegian online magazine. Fast cars, cigars, cognac, fly fishing and tech news. Back in 1996 this was unheard of, and we rapidly grew to one of the biggest internet sites in Scandinavia.

Our next exiting venture was building a company providing online auctions and classified solutions as a service. This was also a game changer, and setting the standard of how many others do «as a service» business today.

Going mobile

In the bright start of the mobile internet, we launched several startups. The first company was a mobile content aggregator and distributer, having big success setting the world standard of mobile streaming. The second company was a mobile value added services company with a strong R&D focus on mobile barcoding technology. Delivering services to SMEs and to the telcos.

We later sold the mobile barcode company to Telenor, one of the worlds leading mobile operators.

Big Data

After this great periode we wanted to commercialize the power of knowledge, and launched a big data and analytics company, focusing on simplifying the handling of extreme large data sets. Also developing and launching niche services making it easy for SME companies to start taking advantage of big data.


We have always had a passion for e-commerce, and our strategy within the domain have always bin «niche focus». We have developed and launched a number of online e-commerce companies, and they are all very successful within their domain.

So now we invest

Since 2012, we have invested in a huge number of ideas and early stage companies and today we hold ownerships in a large number of small and medium sized companies. We are currently helping them all becoming streamlined and well organized and of course money making entities.

We love the startup ecosystem, and have a lot of experience that could be yours to take advantage of.

We hope you will give us a call to discuss your idea or your new startup.

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